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"The Grocery Garden is a must read for today’s backyard producer of fresh fruits and vegetables."

- Steve McShane,
Mc Shane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply

"The Miserly Mind is a thoughtful read with plenty of advice."

-- Midwest Book Review

"Elise Cooke is the ultimate budget gourmet."

-- Bay Area News Group



Three-Time National Book Award Winner!
seal_Winner_2009 Finalist Finalist

Trying to be more frugal? You've come to the right place. Whether you're new to frugal and sustainable living or not, here's where you'll find money-saving tips for how to trim your food bill, save money on everything from clothes to cars, grow your own food, and enjoy every minute of it!

Strategic Eating, The Econovore's Essential Guide

“Waste neither time nor money, but make the best use of both. Without industry and frugality, nothing will do, and with them everything.”

-- Benjamin Franklin


To Contact Elise: elise@SimpletonSolutions.com


Eric "Sharpo" Sharp interviews Elise about the millionaire mindset. Click to listen.

"Our Garden" Interview

Click to hear Sam Van Zandt interview Elise Cooke and Joan Morris about the many benefits of vegetable gardening.

Bay Area News Group Home & Garden Feature

Contra Costa Times, Oakland Tribute, San Jose Mercury News, etc.

"Elise Cooke is the ultimate frugal gourmet." --Jolene Thym, Food Editor

Episode #303: More Bang for Your Buck

The Cooke children, ages 12, 10 and 7, show America how they Live Large on Less and have a blast doing it.

(Video not yet available on-line, but we'll post it when we can!)

To Be a Millionaire, Think Like One

Frugal living is more than a lifestyle, it is a way of thinking first. The Miserly Mind, 12 1/2 Secrets of the Freakishly Frugal humorously highlights the specific personaility traits of successful tightwads.

Spend More Time Dining than Digging

Read The Grocery Garden, How Busy People Can Grow Cheap Food and earn how to grow your family's fresh fruits and vegetables in little space and less time than it takes to load the dishwasher each week!

Trim the Fat from Your Food...Budget

Strategic Eating, The Econovore's Essential Guide explains exactly how to achieve a rock-bottom, nutritious food bill, while spending less time than it takes to get take-out!